Tuesday December 3rd I traveled from Vancouver to Helsinki to receive the highest honor in our industry (Healthcare Technology): Innovation Leader of the HIMSS Future50.

I was invited to attend the HIMSS Stakeholder Meeting at Messukeskus, where I was 🙏 honored to be selected as “HIMSS Future 50” (top 50 Healthcare IT leaders) by the largest Healthcare Technology organization in the world, as “Innovation Leader”. I’m the only one from Spain.

“These are the people whom we should look to for the future of healthcare. These leaders have the potential to influence digital health in Europe and globally, with regards to both policy, practice and patients.” Sean Roberts, Vice President of HIMSS EMEA

HIMSS (Healthcare Information Management System and Society) has more than 80,000 individuals, 475 provider organizations and 650 health services organizations as members. A few days later, I was featured in the HIMSS Insights (8.2) publication.

I stayed at Scandic Grand Marina hotel. Not that interesting.

Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/VusNrGTXnHGJ3Lxd7