My wife and I were invited by UBS Industry Leaders Network to a very interesting event at the IBM Research Center in Zurich.

The trip started with the very welcomed news that VLC airport’s lounge finally serves decent food and international media. Thank you!

We arrived in Zurich on Wednesday, and before going to the hotel (the Belvoir in Rueschlikon, with amazing views), we stopped downtown Zurich for a nice stroll and having dinner at the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world: Hiltl, est. in 1898.

The next day, after breakfast with breathtaking views, the UBS team led us to the IBM Research Zurich campus, where we attended some very interesting lectures and presentations by world-class experts and scientists, like Asaf Adi (IoT and wereables), Maria Gabrani (Digital Pathology), Dr. Marcin Pietrzyk (Unit8), Henrique Saeuberli (IBM ThinkLab), Stephan Schneider (Quantum Computing), or Hans van Grieken (Technology Research & Insights Leader, Deloitte). My company has partnered with IBM for over a decade, and I personally know some of them, but it’s still interesting to listen to them present their research and answer the questions that this very sharp group of people presented. We also had the chance to visit the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center. We ended the day having dinner at Moosegg.

On Friday we attended a very interesting workshop on digitalization by Mark Greeven (Professor of Innovation and Strategy, IMD) that lasted all morning, after which we flew back to Valencia.

Pictures here.