The third day of our cruise we docked in Rhodes, and visited Lindos.

On Sunday docked in Rhodes (back to Greece). The day started off very nicely by having a caviar breakfast.

Since we had recently visited Rhodes, we decided to join an excursion to Lindos to visit their adorable little coastal town, and more importantly, their acropolis.

On the way there we saw the Temple of Apollo, and stopped for a pottery demonstration which turned out to be a lot more interesting and less commercial than I feared (although I did end up buying an awesome and fascinating Pythagoras Cup).

The day was cloudy dark, although it only rained a few drops. In Lindos we not only climbed to the acropolis, but also visited the interesting Church of Panagia (Ναός της Παναγίας) with some “very telling” frescos.

After saying good bye to many cats and a few donkeys, we returned to the ship on time to attend the lecture “Becoming Greece - The creation of modern Greece and its struggles through WWII” by Adam Tanner, fellow at Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, and former Reuters bureau chief.

Some photos here.