On Wednesday I was flown to Amsterdam to attend four hours of work meetings, returning the next day.

It’s been quite a while since I traveled for business. This time I was flown same-day for four back to back meetings. I can’t say anything about the context of those meetings yet, but hopefully soon I will have interesting news to share. In the meantime, I’ll share that the hotel was boring but nice and conveniently located, that I did not get to have dinner because all restaurants were required to close by 5pm due to the new restrictions brought about by the Omicron Covid19 variant, and that I had a very delicious breakfast at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport (bulgur, pomegranate and edamame salad, and a carrot, apple, ginger juice).

One curious thing: upon arrival to my boarding gate, the electronic panel showed the right flight number and departure time… but different destination! Luckily they corrected it a few minutes before boarding, and right before announcing a gate change.

Some photos here.