On Tuesday I was invited to attend a Workshop at MIT, held office hours for students at the Harvard Innovation Labs, and attended a Reception at Harvard… all before heading to the airport to fly to London!

First, I attended the MIT Digital and Strategy Conference Workshop, organized by the MIT Startup Exchange and the ILP.

Then, I walked across town and across the river to the Harvard Innovation Labs for my office hours appointment, as Expert in Residence, with several students. It’s always refreshing and fascinating to listen to such bright (and privileged) individuals and to feel their enthusiasm. A pleasure to give back, in this case advice from my decades of experience.

Then I rushed across the river again to attend the Harvard University ‘Welcome Reception for International Scholars’ at the Richard A. & Susan F. Smith Campus Center. So many scholars from all over the world! It was truly amazing.

With no time to waste, my wife took me to the airport to catch a flight to London. Quite a busy day!

Here are some photographs.