For a number of reasons, my girls and I took a 7 hour roadtrip.

The idea was: a mix of work (visiting a university to discuss IP licensing opportunities), family (long time no see, and birthday celebrations), and sports.

The Boston-Buffalo drive was fine, and it included a stop at the charming Jackson’s Old Chatham House restaurant, and at Syracuse University to watch the Orange play Duke Blue Devils in a Men’s Basketball NCAA tournament game at the largest university stadium in the USA. The Syracuse Dome hosts over 50,000 fans for football, and over 35,000 for basketball. Of course including chanting, body paint… it was a mad house!

The weather was mostly bearable, for a Spaniard in Buffalo anyway. But the last day it rained, then the rain froze, and created a surreal iced landscape which fortunately did not affect our drive back home.

Here are some photographs.