I’ve seen the Charles River has frozen before. But today’s temperatures are ridiculously cold… and dangerous.

We knew last night was going to be miserably cold, but we braved the elements to go see Harvard Men Basketball team put up a fight against Yale at the Lavietes Pavilion (some photos here). Normally, we would have walked there from home in less than 15 minutes. But even driving the car, we felt dangerously cold in the short stretch from the parking lot to the entrance of the pavilion. The temperature? -5°F (-29°F windchill factor) or -21°C (-34°C windchill factor). Check out the photos here.

That temperature can have a lot of implications, from frostbite in minutes, to electronics malfunctioning. But extremes aside, it’s the little things that get really annoying, like your skin drying up very quickly, cracked lips, hurting eyeballs, constant static electricity shocks, having to wear several winter socks or pants at the same time…

Time to prepare some chocolate con churros, bundle up under several blankets, and watch Wakanda Forever as my hands are too cold to hold a book!