Becca, the managing director of Harvard iLab, was kind enough to invite me to a great event at MIT alongside some very renowned players in the AI space, organized by John Werner.

The event, Imagination in Action: Forging the future of business with AI, took place at the MIT Samberg Center.

It was very well attended by VCs, students, entrepreneurs, and researchers. The lineup of speakers was top notch, including many CEOs, Partners, Professors, and Founders from institutions like OpenAI, Accenture, Mckinsey, MGB, ADP, Tesla, AXA, MIT, SalesForce, Forbes, LinkVentures ,Wolfram Research, JP Morgan…

I enjoyed the talks (even if a bit fluffy), and everyone was gaga about a chance to talk with OpenAi’s Sam Altman. But the networking at the reception in Kendall Square, with a several hour fireside chat with the one and only Stephen Wolfram was the highlight of the evening for me.

Here are some photographs.