On April 10th I became a full-time employee of Harvard Business School.

After receiving my Employment Authorization Document from USCIS, I joined Harvard University Innovation Laboratories (iLab, or HIL) as a Senior Advisor Heal & Life Sciences.

It’s truly a join, a privilege, and an honor to be able to work alongside such an amazing team, in such an excellent institution, and most importantly, for such incredible group of “members”: students, alumni, and faculty.

The first few days were a bit hectic, with onboarding, meeting people, learning the ropes… while in the midst of the year’s busiest and biggest event, the President’s Innovation Challenge award.

I’m not exactly new to the institution, having been a fellow at the School of Engineering since September, and having been a student back in 2005. I’m not net to the iLab either, having been an Expert in Residence since September, and a Mentor since February. Nevertheless, it’s a lot of new information, people, processes, procedures, platforms, systems, policies, etc to take in.

Not to borrow anybody’s motto here, but “drink from the firehose!”.

Here are some photos of the first day.