I was asked to attend and nominate speakers for the TEDxBoston AI + Future of Healthcare. I nominated 3 of my student teams (Ana-Maria, Mariam, and Amber) who did great on stage. The surprise came when I attended: I met my mentor from decades ago.

The event took place at the Microsoft Nerd Center, in Cambridge (I live on the same street, by the way). Leaders from public health, innovation, startups, and medical practice spaces explored what’s on the horizon for AI and Healthcare. There was also a special conversation with Bob Metcalfe and Rich Miner to celebrate Ethernet’s 50th anniversary and Metcalfe being named 2022 A.M. Turing Award winner.

When I got to reception, I found none other than my mentor from 20 years ago! Ken Morse. He is the former managing director of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, and chairman of Entrepreneurship Ventures, Inc. He graduated from the MIT with an S.B. in political science and earned an MBA from HBS. Morse is visiting professor at ESADE Business School in Barcelona and holds a chair in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Competitiveness at Delft University of Technology in Netherlands.

It was great to catch up! And he did comment something interesting when I told him of my new position: “It’s perfect for you, you belong in this town”. I guess everybody knew already.

Here are the photos.