While maintaining my full-time role at Harvard Innovation Labs, I am delighted to announce my appointment to the Advisory Board of Lysando world leader in antimicrobial protein development.

Lysando AG is the world leader in antimicrobial protein development (Artilysin® molecules). They can effectively eliminate problem‐causing bacteria without associated high risk of resistance formation and microbial disbalances.

“At Lysando, our mission is centered on helping patients rather than simply selling treatments. The alarming reality of antibiotic resistance claims over a million lives annually worldwide, posing an existential threat to society. Moreover, the contamination of our environment by pharmaceuticals, particularly antibiotics, poses an alarming additional danger,” says Count Markus Matuschka de Greiffenclau, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Lysando AG. “With our Artilysin® technology, we are committed to combating resistance, promoting green pharma practices, and envisioning a future where bacterial infections no longer instill fear. As time is of the essence, we are delighted to have Jorge on board; a visionary who embodies innovation, comprehends AI, and supports Lysando’s endeavour to save millions from the deadly grasp of pathogenic bacteria."