This past weekend we were invited to cruise Oceania’s new ship Vista, out of New York.

It’s always a delight to be invited to cruise. But after so many cruises, the bar is high, and even higher when it’s a new ship.

Oceania’s team have really found a perfect balance of discreet elegance and design in their new ship, the Vista. Built this year, 791 feet with a capacity of 1200 guests.

They have registered The Finest Cuisine at Sea®, and I would agree with that statement. Amazing cuisine, always. Although our favorite continues to be the miso glazed cod at Red Ginger.

Aquamar Kitchen is a very welcome addition to the typical pool bars and grills offering pizza and burgers, since they offer healthier and more inventive choices. The cocktails (mixology for the connoisseur) were also next level, even the mocktails! The place to go for those special cocktails was The Founders bar (too bad the sitting area was not on par with the drinks).

Giving constructive criticism is not easy in this case, as everything was excellent. We joked that the only flaw we could find was a statue looking like the number 8 placed on level 10. Perhaps the biggest serious mistake, in my opinion, or rather, for my taste, was substituting the great French restaurant Jacques (Pépin) for the new American restaurant Ember.

In any case, a very enjoyable inaugural sailing! Here are some photos.