Sunday, March 12, we arrived in Sihanoukville (Cambodia). We were greeted by our driver, “Mr. Temple” and our guide, “Mr. Lucky”. Mr. Lucky was a sweet guy who told us a great deal about Cambodia’s history, present, and his life. The kind of guide you always hope to get, but seldom do. Mr. Lucky was the youngest of 4 brothers. His other 3 brothers died during the Khmer Rouge regime. Fortunately he survived (hence his nickname).

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As we imagined, the highlight of moving to Wimbledon is being surrounded by nature. On one side, 0.3 miles to the East, we have the family-friendly and very civilized Wimbledon Park, with its swans and ducks, water sports, minigolf, tennis courts… even beach volleyball! On the other side, 0.3 miles to the West, we have the wild and lush dense forest of Wimbledon Common: Adjacent to Wimbledon Common we have Richmond Park, with its live and free roaming deer.

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Since my parents were visiting from Spain, we decided to drive with them to Buffalo to spend Thanksgiving all together with my in-law family. Wednesday, November 26 we drove over 400 miles (650 Km) through the snow storm from New York City to Niagara Falls. Well, my wife drove. I don’t think anyone else in the car could have managed all that snow and ice on the road, but fortunately she has a lot of experience with it, so while it took us four more hours than expected (and forced us to stop at a diner in the middle of the road for lunch, instead of making it to Ithaca as it was our plan), we made it across the Canadian border at Niagara Falls safe and sound.

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