Breakfast: Au Bon Pain, Le Pain Quotidien, and Europa Cafe.

October 9th

  • Greek restaurant Molyvos

October 10th

  • PeaceBar
  • Candle Cafe

October 11th

  • Indian restaurant Sapphire
  • Gobo

October 12th

  • Caravan of Dreams
  • Souen Organic Macrobiotic (Union Square)

October 13th

  • Angelica`s Kitchen
  • Trattoria dell`Arte

October 14th

  • Zen Palate
  • Baltazar

October 15th

  • Villagenatural
  • Mana

October 16th

  • Bonobo
  • Back to Souen Organic Macrobiotic (this time 28 East 13th St)

October 17th

  • Back to Angelica`s Kitchen
  • Italian restaurant Abboccato

October 18th

  • Moby`s tea house Teany