When a M. Phil. from Cambridge, A.B. from Harvard, and M.D. from UCal writes an article insisting on a probabilistic fallacy, a trap where, in one way or another, many have fallen (from Eccles to Nagel), and this article is echoed in many sites (such as BoingBoing) and an infographic is made and becomes staff pick at visual.ly… then you know ignorance is everywhere and very dangerous.

Read the article, then read Roy Weatherford`s “Philosophical foundations of probability theory” (or maybe something simpler), and once you grasp the concept of “a priori theories of probability”, laugh at those who think each one of us is a miracle… we all are, but not because the probability of us being born is extremely small. On the contrary, it is 100%. Otherwise, we would NOT be here. And not understanding this is not understanding what the most promising scientific discoveries of our age (Theoretical Physics) are based on.

We are a miracle because we believe to be one. Because we choose to be one. Or at least, because we can display such an infinite amount of bold and shameless ignorance 😉