To go to my office in Times Square by subway is an adventure in itself, not due to the intense exercise of avoiding waves of pedestrians, but from the very fascinating tunnels (there is a world down there of abandoned stations, marginal dwellers, and those things nobody talks about)

to what one can find in the stations themselves: music (from the saw lady, to YouBredRaptors), promotions (from an armored vehicle at the Army recruiting station at 42nd, to the Sesame Street characters wishing you happy holidays)…anything.

But these days belong to those few in which the work rythm slows down and one can take time to do other things, such as geting the NY Public Library card (Schwarzman building, Bryant Park -with their never-ending lines to enter the ice-skating ring- is my new paradise), looking for a gym with swimmingpool (as usual, many options -Equinox, Reebok Club, 24hr fitness, etc-, but a good one, good location, and where you do not have to fork-over the month`s salary… is tougher to find), or a Jazz concert near home (Aaron Goldberg at the Jazz Standard, 3 streets away… all the other good clubs are at the Village)… there is so much to do and discover in this city!

Although, I have had to get into a new habit: looking up the weather prediction by the hour, since there is a big difference between sun shining dry and no wind (even if it is cold) and rainy windy day, and you can get all that in a day in NY… and the real cold has not even arrived yet!