Last Saturday I went to the ArtHack Exhibit closing party at 319 Scholes St, Brooklyn (New York).

Located in an industrial complex in Brooklyn, at night, loooong two blocks from the subway, graffiti all over, small door… that gave way to heaven: young (I was the oldest hacker in that space, but I did not feel that way) energetic happy people tinkering with technology and proudly showing their “toys” (hacks, mashups, creations, or whatever). From the 15sec-at-a-time Star Wars fan-boy movie, to the shoot-the-DJ video game, including the bicycle computer interface, the “swim” in front of a kinect to navigate with a browser, the mesh-connected game-of-life sync router status lights, the iPhone jump-rope, the Tororo figure being sculpted by the MakerBots (Replicator and Thing-O-Matic), the GIF Booth Hack as demonstrated by Ashley and Katie… it was all great fun.

As a bonus, on the way back, I got a twilio tshirt, several stickers (Etsy, MakerBot, Alphaonelabs…) and great photo opportunities of the surroundings. That is what I call a great Saturday evening.