The USA has become the largest exporter of censorship.

Based on wrong beliefs, manipulated data, and self-declared ignorant politicians, their legislative body cooks up a law designed to restrict competition, serving the interests (apparently, although as any freshman Economics student will tell you, that is not really the case) of an oligopoly of media-(sic)culture megacorporations that would not recognized the present (not to say “future”) if it hit them in the face, represented by multi-million dollar copyright infringers, while stomping on basic citizens` rights (not that they seem to care anyway, since they allow such basic rights violations as warrantless GPS monitoring, or unlimited incarceration without trial).

Not happy with screwing their own citizens and rights, the US goes on pressuring, not only their immediate neighbors (Canada: famous for having a copyright infringing Parliament), but also other countries and allies such as Spain, forcing them to approve a censorship law against their will (a law not even the right-wing then opposition would approve of) with the direct coercion of the US ambassador to the Prime Minister. Of course, all done behind the public scrutiny`s back, and based on false and manipulated data, with the lobbying of criminals. Although the hypocrisy can not be hidden.

Where are we going to end-up with this madness? Forbidding sketching? Yoga gurus suing each other for copyright violations? Charging royalties for having the radio on in a taxi or going to jail for singing “happy birthday” in nursery homes? Reality check: we are already there. And this patent and copyright zealousness is causing deaths, many deaths, sorrow and abuse. Soon you will not be able to avoid them to control your own body.

So, what to do when things get so absurd and unbalanced, when the citizens rights are spit on? Some people turn to <a title="" href="" target="_blank">religion</a>. Others to <a title="" href="" target="_blank">civil disobedience</a>. Whatever path you choose, dont forget this is exactly why the failing trust and legitimacy of the current political-economic system is rotten to the core.