On Saturday I went to The Armory Show 2012. So many galleries, so little time. 

While everybody was talking about Marina Abramovic’s _Bed for Human Use _performance, Theaster Gates commissioned Pier 94 café piece, or Michael Riedel’s installation at New York’s David Zwirner’s booth (forget about the Nordic spaces)... I found other works much much more interesting. But thats what makes art`s subjectivity (apparently not so subjective) so appealing.

Although, for the first time I found myself (and was ment to be that way) inside a piece of exhibited art by Michelangelo Pistoletto at Galleria Continua‘s booth (I am not showing it here because it will soon be published in a book). Cool!

Of course, who can resist the temptation to leave such a show without acquiring some art? So I got a piece (actually 3) from the amusingly critical Jennifer Dalton at Winkleman Gallery, and also a print titled “Phil Collins in Eurythmics” (2012) by Lina Viste Grønli. Which makes you wonder why do we have the need to possess (wether the object, the picture or even the memory)?

I could write a book (many in fact) about the inspiration, sensations, and thoughts that emanate from such overexposure to art, but that was only Saturday and the weekend was not even over and I had a lot more art waiting around the corner… 😉