Saturday was one action packed day.

First, off to Brooklyn Flea Market (Fort Greene this time). Sure enough, the subway is a mess like any weekend, but one gets used to it. With a punishing sun, the first thing upon arrival is to hydrate (limenade, although I was tempted to try something they called “orchata” which was not, since it was made from coconut and rice), and eat something (palak dosa, and zucchini cheese pupusa… I missed Mimi&CoCo‘s teriyaki balls or TheRegalVegan treats). Then a stroll through tons of vendors (from all kinds of objects made from recycled vinyl, to vintage clothing and antiques, or vinyl records where I heard of the awesome The Meters) among the crowd, made basically of hipsters and mainly US tourist.

After a while, back to the island, first a stop for some tea at cozy The Tea Spot, and then off to have an early dinner at a wonderful Tibetan restaurant called Tsampa (absolutely delicious food, and a nice atmosphere).

But the real “discovery” of the day was the Japanese supermarket Sunrise Mart. From Dragon Ball soda to green tea cakes… they got it all! So I left with a bunch of stuff (Calpico, sanshoku dango, gyokuro tea, kohara uji kintoki, shrimp cup noodles… even wasabi mame!) and a big smile ^_^