Technology is getting easier to use everyday. Take GNU/Linux distributions as an example: anyone can make their own. Does that mean everyone should make their own? Why not? But then, again, we end up with things like Ubuntu Satanic (and their Ubuntu SE 666.10 “Necrophiliac Neuromancer”), Hannah Montana Linux (how far would you go to attract kids to free software?), or Red Star OS (free software for North Korea and non-free browsing? WTF?).

Shouldn`t people invest their time in more productive/interesting/fun things? 

Of course, governments have their own agendas when it comes to developing and using technology. Here are a few examples: from the brainwashing efforts of (with the section Ready Kids explaining all the scary things that can happen to your family), to the Dept. of the Treasury in their Treasury Direct Kids talking about “inflation-protected securities”, the Bureau of Engraving and Printing where you can buy limited edition currency (sic), the Office for Government Ethics (probably the least visited website on Earth), or the Star Wars missile initiative at the Missile Defense Agency. I guess when you believe the whole world is yours (DoD Unified Command Plan), anything goes. Source.