On June 13th and 14th I went to Chicago. Here are a few anecdotes.

First, one of those WTF moments you can not believe or understand no matter how hard you think. I had to board from Gate C12 at LaGuardia airport to go from New York to Chicago. So, I tell the cab “to Terminal C”, right? That’s what I thought. But once I get there, and even go through security without them telling me anything (does any of those TSA gorillas even care?), even though they check my boarding pass and ID several times, I look for the gate and, surprise, no C12 in Terminal C!

Gates C1-C9 to the right, Gates C15-C21 (I believe) to the left!!!! So I ask a cleaning lady that was there and she tells me (with one of those “here we go again” looks) “you have to go to the main terminal, and from there to terminal B, where you will find Gate C12. And you have to get out, take a bus (a taxi will not want to take you there) and go through security again”. WTF???!!! She was right, and I had to do just what she said. As I tweeted later:

If my gate is C, why do I have to go to Terminal B? Go through security twice. #ThankYouIdiots


So, once in Chicago, straight to my first meeting at IBM Innovation Center. Intense, interesting… and off to my hotel for a few hours of preparing for the next day (and BIG meeting). The next day, great presentations and meetings (including lunch with the big boss), and something very interesting: they had a Watson interactive kiosk with which anyone could try and compete at Jeopardy. But more on that in another post.

And straight to the airport where a woman told me the real reason why Chicago is called “the windy city” is not because of the lake effect and nasty wind gusts, but because of their “windy” politicians. Bull or not, that’s what she said. So long, Chicago.