August is over. What did the second half bring?

August 17th, after a lovely walk on the HighLine, Lytro organized a photowalk on the Lower East Side (LES).

August 18th I had a nice talk about Russian art with the former Artistic Director of the State Russian Theater of Estonia, who is now working at the Lincoln Center in New York.

August 19th morning I had another very interesting conversation with an NYU Philosophy professor regarding learning, engagement… and reality, while having a delicious coconut ice cream. Then, in the evening, another interesting education talk with a History HS teacher, ending the night at the Gansevoort Park Rooftop. #OhMyCoolness 😉

August 22nd I went to a nice Cello concert at the Rubin Museum and then some nice tea at 71 Irving Place.

August 25th was a “triple whammy” of great places: Teany for tea, FatCat for a fun evening of live jazz and games, and dinner at Hakatta Ton Ton.

August 29th I had dinner at Red Rooster, in the Harlem. I love walking around there. At night.

August 31st I went to drawing class at the MET. Although we were supposed to draw the equestrian armored figures, to the right were the Japanese armors, so guess who tilted his chair and drew what he really wanted? 😉