Today we have gone to the Independent art show at Center 548. Two floors (starts in the second floor, and the roof top only has a bar). The second floor has some, very few, interesting works. The third floor? Don`t even bother. From childish to improvised, without even being outsider or brut.

When I go to art shows like this I exit with a strange happy grin. The reason? I realize I still have a personal taste, and I know what I don`t like, no matter how crowded the space is, or if it is in Chelsea.

Why does everybody in the “art world” have to bite their tongue and think that the worst thing they can say about a show or artists is “interesting”? Why are we SO afraid of subjectivity? Why the need for objective methodology upon the lack of which we chicken back to “everything is good”? Be brave! Be discerning! Have criteria! Sure, research, learn, base your choices on something other than the worn out “gut feeling” or “emotional aspect of the impact”. But for the love of God (pun intended), be you!