On Tuesday August 13th (in case you did not notice, I am obviously not superstitious at all), I took a “red-eye” (so called because you arrive with red eyes) flight to Lima, Peru. Note to self number one: do not take one of the “official” taxis with a desk before the exit of the controlled area of the airport. $46 for a ride to downtown is a steal, no matter how luxurious and comfortable the car.

Although I was treated like a VIP at the hotel, thanks to my wonderful @Cruise_Curator travel agent, the room was not yet ready when I arrived around 7am. So I showered and changed at the gym, and went straight to my first business presentation. As a curious anecdote, I ran, for the second time in a trip, into another Spanish executive of a Spanish (albeit US owned) healthcare tech company. 

I spent three intense days working, working, and working. I met executives from some of the largest hospitals and networks in the country. I presented, along with IBM, the latest in healthcare technology at an event at the Country Club Hotel. And when I had a few spare minutes, I worked from my hotel room.

The weather, cold and humid, with a constantly covered grey sky (“donkey belly”, as they call it in Peru and my friend @Retiario told me) was not too inviting, so I did not engage in my usual “explore the city” activity. But I did enjoy some good dining (although not too genuine or interesting, I must admit) with friends at Gaston Acurio`s latest ventures: Los Bachiche and Madam Tusan (his take on Chinese restaurants, or “Chifas”). He pretends it is “fusion” food. But they are “just” decent Italian and Chinese restaurants. Not that bad after all.

Upon my return, in another red-eye flight, and due to a family emergency, I had to catch the next flight to Buffalo without even leaving the airport. Luckily it was all “just” a big scare. But at least I got to go to the famous, and deservedly so, supermarket Wegmans (sorry Fairways, you are not my favorite in the US any more).