Banksy is in New York for a month.

With the title “Better Out than In”, there is a blog, unofficial twitter account (along with the hashtag #banksyny) since it is not linked in the blog, and Instagram (really? Instagram?… good grief; Im glad I dont have FaceBook so I can`t check if there is also a FB page)… even a phone number (1 800 6564271) for each piece for which you can call and listen to a great message about (also accessible through the blog). Awesome.

Whether it is “really” Banksy or not, whether there is a “real” Banksy or not, I love it.

The crazy news (or perhaps PR stunt)? The first piece was painted over in just one day.

Here is a piece sprayed on a garage door at 25th street between 10th & 11th avenues, a block from our apartment: