Banksy is in New York for a month.

With the title “Better Out than In”, there is a blog, unofficial twitter account (along with the hashtag #banksyny) since it is not linked in the blog, and Instagram (really? Instagram?… good grief; I’m glad I don’t have FaceBook so I can’t check if there is also a FB page)… even a phone number (1 800 6564271) for each piece for which you can call and listen to a great message about (also accessible through the blog). Awesome.

Whether it is “really” Banksy or not, whether there is a “real” Banksy or not, I love it.

The crazy news (or perhaps PR stunt)? The first piece was painted over in just one day.

Banksy piece

Here is a piece sprayed on a garage door at 25th street between 10th & 11th avenues, a block from our apartment:

Banksy piece


I have just walked there and found out that this piece has been tagged over. Welcome to the streets of NY. After all, that’s what street art is about, right?

tagged over

The sad part is the lady that, having placed one of her “Banksy-like” pieces there, was selling them in the next corner.


Again, welcome to the streets of NY.