After going the other day with Maker Faire with my parents, yesterday we went back to ComicCon. The usual: cosplay, crowds, swag… FUN!!

UPDATE: here is a list of interesting links (artists, publishing houses, software, etc) we collected there.


  • Bill Plympton (studio, blog, store, tumblr), whom I have admired for many years, was there in person. Cool!
  • Dylan (UpsideDownGrin)
  • Rich Miller (FilthWorks)
  • Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire)
  • The Gate Crashers


  • Your Faith Looks Familiar
  • 123GraffitiClan and Bandit-1sm
  • PlainComics
  • CartoonHangover
  • Red Rocket Farm
  • A Wave Blue World (where you can find the very interesting American Terrorist)
  • Thirteenth Floor
  • Anomaly Productions
  • For Beginners Books
  • TipettFX (+ efexio app)
  • Tasty Peach Studios (kawaii!!!)
  • Mutafukaz



  • Amazing Plotagon (makes a movie from your script, from the text!)


  • Volante Design (Assassins Creed jackets)
  • UDReplicas (some kick-ass jackets)
  • Zen Monkey Studios
  • Equilibrium “urban survival gear” (truly awesome backpacks)


  • Manga Japanese courses 
  • Free Japanese-language study and cultural understanding
  • Japan Anime Map from JNTO (paper only)
  • Official Guide for Japanese Anime Lovers (also from JNTO) and Japanese Pop Culture Guide
  • Nippon Brand Japan


  • VampireFreaks: Goth-Industrial
  • Comics from Spain to the world (interesting ICEX initiative… only on paper #WTF!). I might have to do a separate post about that
  • Ringling College gave away copies of “Meanwhile”, with works from 12 students (again, paper only)