Wednesday was a long day.

First I was invited to a VIP breakfast executive briefing and presentation by IBM at 7:45am. The event, in which IBM showcased their Watson technology and three partner companies talked about how they are leveraging NLP capabilities, lasted until 12:30pm, but I stayed for an extra hour for a meeting with an IBM executive.

Then I headed back to the office for 3 conference calls. By 7:00pm I was ready to go to the Social Radar startup launch party Stephanie and I had been invited to. Since it was at Milk Studios in Chelsea, a few blocks from our apartment, we decided to walk although it was raining.

I am sure it was a great party, with all the expected “features” like a DJ, food from Momofuku Milk Bar, Luke’s Lobster and OddFellows, live painting by No Kings Collective, print-making, a photo booth… but upon arrival, there were two lines, the “regular” line and the “VIP” line. I understand not everybody can get in at the same time, particularly since 1500 people RSVP (which means less than 500 would show up, but still, a lot of people), but really?, so many VIPs that a second line was needed?

It might be NYs concept of _cool_ and _fabulous_ and _glamorous_, but I was not up to waiting in line. So we headed to another party we were invited to: <a title="" href="" target="_blank">The New Museums Annual White Party for Members.

Now, that`s what I call a cool summer fête. The vibe and people attending the party were even cooler than previous editions. More people wearing white, as the theme of the party suggested (attire: white & bling), and more people with artsy outfits, yet no stuffiness and high brows. It was all fun, music, great cocktails, private viewing of the exhibits (Roberto Cuoghi, Camille Henrot, & Ragnar Kjartansson), DJ sets by Heavenly Beat & TEEN, and even a limited edition print by Quentin Jones. But of course, as always, the best was sharing the awesome views from the Sky Room with my beloved wife.

I could have stayed there all night. Too bad we had to eventually go back home, but a conference call with Singapore, an interview with an analyst in India, and a sales webinar with Colombia meant having to get up really early next morning and having to face another long day. I guess it can`t all be party and fun… yet 😉