On Monday 24 and Tuesday 25, I flew to Mexico for a quick and very important meeting. The meeting went really well, but as usual the highlights were the delicious restaurants my charming distributors take me to every time I visit. This time it was “Nueve y Nueve Bistro”, a wonderful Hacienda renovated and modernized (Casa Lamm), which is not only a restaurant but also hosts several art galleries. I had delicious local fare, but I can not remember the names, so look at the pictures and enjoy 😉

An interesting anecdote is how my levels of SPO2 (oxygen in the blood) drop from 99% to 96% when I’m there. It’s fascinating how the environment (altitude, pressure, etc) affects our metabolism.

Before I headed back to New York, we had lunch at “La Mansión” a restaurant inside the airport which was quite good too, just like “Casa Ávila” was last time. Great restaurants, specially being inside an airport.

I guess I will be returning to Mexico soon, and this time I will read during the flight “Los Señores del Narco”, the very interesting book my friends told me about during my previous trip and now have bought me. Thank you!