I admit I am a chicken when it comes to nasty weather (who would have thought after walking for miles in snow-covered New York’s sidewalks!), so this weekend the rain, wind and low temperatures (plus a nasty technological installation) kept me home, away from amazing events I really wanted to attend like the Web We Want Festival, and the HowTheLightGetsIn2015 Philosophy and Music Festival. But a man has to eat, so on Saturday I went to the Maltby Street Market.

I read online that it was a great alternative to the very expensive, crowded and touristy Borough Market, so I was very curious, since both are quite close to my London Bridge apartment.

Upon arrival it was evident that while there were no flocks of tourists aimlessly wandering about like at Borough Market, there were flocks of hipsters strolling up and down the narrow alley looking for the most post-industrial-run-down-warehousy place to enjoy their cocktails or microbrew, and happily paying 10£ for an empty salvaged glass bottle in a “second-hand/antics” store.

Nevertheless, I will admit there are some gems there, besides Tozino, and I will return every time I have to entertain out of town visitors. As a matter of fact I did enjoy a heavenly grilled cheese sandwich from The Cheese Truck, a vegetarian Scottish egg from Finest Fayre, and the most delicious baklava-inspired dessert from Pastry Art. But this is not the Borough Market alternative I was looking for.

There has to be something between the Borough Market and Canary Wharf’s Waitrose. Next on my list as recommended by Birgitt: Elephant & Castle and Tutting.