The day before yesterday I had one of those crazy days that seemed to be the norm for me last year. I woke up and had breakfast in London. Then I took a flight to Reykjavík (I LOVE planes with electric outlets/plugs… give me those any time over “entertainment systems”!), where I had lunch.

The flight was delayed, but the airline was great about it: they gave everybody a written explanation (the scheduled aircraft had to return to origin due to a medical emergency), a voucher for food and drink, and a copy of passenger’s legal rights. Even more impressive, they told us that the connecting flight would be delayed to give all connecting passengers a chance to make it and not be stranded in the beautiful but remote island of Iceland. I love that solidarity spirit, and the fact that almost all passengers agreed with that decision and did not complain about it.

That meant I arrived late in Boston, so after a quick dinner I went straight to sleep, to try remain awake during the important meeting the next morning. Then, right after that meeting, same itinerary back to London.