On Friday, November 6th, I was invited by Marcus Stuttard, head of AIM (the London Stock Exchange’s growth market), to participate in the London Stock Exchange market opening ceremony, which takes place daily at 8:00 am.

The ceremony offers companies joining London Stock Exchange’s markets the opportunity to mark their success on the day of their admission. The event was followed by drinks and breakfast.

The reason why I was invited is because one of my companies (Kanteron Systems) had been selected as a member of the #ScaleUpClub 2015. The club is hand-picked by Silicon Valley Comes to the UK (@svc2uk), a not-for-profit organisation that brings together US early-stage investors and disruptive UK start-ups, identifying the 58 firms that could hit £100m in revenue in the next three to five years (lets hope theyre right!).

According to the UK’s The Telegraph newspaper, the report lists “the British companies most likely to become technology giants to rival Facebook and Google”. One of them is my company, Kanteron SYstems!

It was interesting to experience it “from the inside”, to see all the “tech-fireworks” and to network with some very well know investors and executives (general partners from firms like Google Ventures, CEOs from firms like Tesla, ARM, or Raspberry Pi…).

Another day at the circus. Another attempt by the system to assimilate. Another delicious observational experience.