May 27 I was invited to participate in the “Computing in Cancer Workshop” organized by Microsoft Research in Cambridge.

It was a great opportunity to network, meet with colleagues and other researchers, and especially to learn a lot.

The fascinating lectures were:

  • Antonio Criminisi (Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research): Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis
  • Jasmin Fisher (Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research): Virtual Models of Cancer
  • Giles Maskell (President, Royal College of Radiologists): Current problems in diagnostic radiology
  • Fiona Gilbert (Head of the Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge)
  • Dennis Wang (Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, AstraZeneca): Predicting drug combinations and biomarkers of response: a crowd-sourced solution
  • Florian Markowetz (University of Cambridge, CRUK Cambridge Institute): Quantifying patterns of tumour evolution
  • Francesca Buffa (Associate Professor, Department of Oncology, University of Oxford): In-silico systems biology and functional genomics approaches to accelerate biomarker discovery
  • Hoifung Poon (Researcher, Microsoft Research): Machine Reading for Cancer Panomics
  • Raj Jena (Academic Consultant Clinical Oncologist, Cambridge University Hospitals): Computing for Radiation Oncology – from cell culture to the clinic
  • Bertie Gottgens (Professor of Molecular Haematology, University of Cambridge): Defining Cell States and Regulatory Networks using Single Cell Genomics