Thursday, September 15 I had several meetings in Silicon Valley.

The first one was with the Director of Strategic Investments at the Microsoft Technology Center in Mountain View. Since it is business related, I won`t comment anything about that very interesting meeting.

The second one was with a Partner at Google Ventures. The discussion was to the point and provocative. It is interesting to note that Google and Google Ventures are NOT the same company. Not only they are independent, but quite often their interests in startups collide. As a matter of fact he considered that given the stage of my company, and that they have already invested in a company in a similar space, it was better to contact directly with Google (I am already in contact with them).

The third meeting was more of a workshop at LinkedIn where they gave the whole group an in-depth presentation about Human Capital and Deep Economic Graph. Im glad I told my buddy Spaniard entrepreneurs Javier and Juan from beBee to get a picture taken as if they were "kicking LinkedIns butt" on stage and in the front logo monolith because I truly believe their professional social network is more interesting.

After that long day, we still had some strength left for a party. Risto, Founder & CEO of Idean (a UX company) threw a nice party with DJ, several VR sets for everyone to try, and a few speakers, like the VP of Innovation at Ericsson, and the VP of 20th Century Fox Interactive. A great way to end the day with remarkable hors d`oeuvres and networking!