One of the things that strikes me the most in this trip is how many homeless there are in SF. The income inequality is so obvious and insulting, it hurts. I know this is not a “SF-only” problem, but here it is a lot more visible than in many other cities.

As I walk from Union Sq. to Tender Nob through Geary or O’Farrell streets, or as I go to work in SOMA, I see homeless and people in need all over the sidewalk. From all races, genders, and ages. But if you look at the street, you see Ferraris, Teslas, BMW and Mercedes-Benz all over. With their tinted windows “so they don’t have to endure the look of reality”.

I almost took a picture of a line of homeless people laying down on the sidewalk, next to a “dog day-care” building, but I did not want to make them more upset, and there were too many of them to ask for permission.

With my heart shrunk from sadness and fury, I reached the Mind the Bridge and Founders Space building where I spent the rest of the day in a workshop with mentors to prepare my presentation for tomorrow’s event, trying to focus and narrow our pitch (limited to 4 minutes).

The level of mentors was pretty good. People like the Managing Director at Woodside Capital, the Director of M&A at Opera, the Marketing Lead at VMWare, the Principal at Orange Silicon Valley, the US Partner at Salesforce Europe…

Once the long day was over, I bought some takeaway dinner from the Japanese supermarket around the corner, so I could get some work done in the room.