On September 27 we were invited to an MIT Press book launch by our friend Adolfo Plasencia .

The book launch was held in Valencia at La Nau (the seat of the University of València ever since it was founded in 1498), and it lasted a few hours during which the author, and some invited guests talked at length (boy, do these old academics like to hear their own voice and make ‘inside jokes’) about some of my favorite subjects, from ethics to aesthetics, from quantum mechanics to artificial intelligence…

Book cover

The book consists of a dialogue with some of the leading edge scientists and philosophers in the world. While the book content is, as it could not be otherwise, quite interesting, the method of asynchronous indirect dialogue that Adolfo uses is what really caught my attention. It’s both open to dangerous manipulation, but it also has great potential to explore and discover hidden connexions, to make the interlocutor explore new thought avenues.

For many reasons, a book I recommend to anyone interested in Science and/or Philosophy.