I’m returning home from a business trip to Houston, after getting stranded, for the second time in a week, due to an ice storm.

I had to travel to Houston for a very important business meeting. It all went really well, if it wasn’t for Inga .

For the second time in a week I have gotten stranded in an airport because of bad weather conditions. The first one, in Toronto, is understandable, but this one, in Houston (Texas)… are you kidding me?

Every school and public building was closed. Many businesses were too, to the point were we had trouble finding a restaurant to have lunch in. At least my customers came to the meeting, even with icy roads and closed highways. Thanks!

In any case, after a cancellation, an extra night, getting up before sunrise, two delays of over five hours each, six gate changes, two de-icings of the plane (which prolongued the stay inside the cabin for two additional hours), and a medical emergency with passenger being evacuated (which prolongued the stay inside the cabin for another additional hour), I’m finally hebadnig back home, arriving after midnight, and that’s what matters.