Yesterday we walked ON the lake and saw some people ice-fish.

It cracks me up. Every time we say “let’s take a walk on the beach” during the winter, in Canada, I can’t help but remember Ibiza. And then, we walk out of our house through the back door, step into the snow, and reality hits me in the face (or is it the windchill -12°C 11°F?).


But I must admit, uncomfortable as it is, it is also beautiful.

Frozen lake

Instead of the typical “follow the sandy coastline path”, we went in a stright line. When was the last time you walked ON water? Exactly. We did. As our boots went into the snow knee-deep, the soles did not even touch the ice. Apparently, we were not the only ones who decided to have fun on the lake. A group of ice-fishers had set up tents on the lake, and other were zipping back and forth with their snow-mobiles to ferry supplies to them.

Ice fishing

On the way back we chatted with neighbors about “the beautiful day”, played with a dog, and marveled at the depth of the snowfall, which covered a sign in our neighbor’s lawn.


It doesn’t get prettier, or much colder, than this.

Magnificent tree

Nice experience. Let’s enjoy while we’re here, and then leave for warmer climates.

See you in Ibiza