November 22nd and 23rd I went to Lima, Peru, to speak at a Telefonica event about healthcare.

I stayed at my favorite hotel in Lima, Country Club Hotel, which had a tremendously interesting art exhibit about Archebusier Archangel portraits from the Pedro de Osma Museum.

The event was small, but very well attended by some of the top healthcare executives in the country.

While, as always in Lima, the highlight was its delicious food like ceviche or causa (in places like Los Esteros de Tumbes), the hotel’s restaurant, Perroquet, was a bit disappointing for its price. Even worse, they were in the “Paella month” and the paellas looked terrible! But then again, I can’t complain as I was invited to dinner.

The one thing I always do, and this time I didn’t, is to have a chirimoya juice. At least I had chicha morada!

On the way out of Lima, the HANAQ lounge was a lifesaver (after enduring a 20 minute line to get in), as my flight was at midnight and I was able to take a shower, change, have a decent dinner, and enjoy fairly fast internet.