November 12 and 13 I went to Oslo, invited as speaker at EHiN.

The organization graciously put me in a nice hotel right next to the conference center and the train staion. It was an impressive conference, and it was a pleasure participating with so many interesting speakers. For example, Dr. John Hamlaka, CIO Harvard Medical School, was in my round table.

I also enjoyed Oslo, grey, cold and rainy as it was. In a quick stroll down Karl Johans Gate you get to see the Cathedral, Parliament, City Hall and Royal Palace. It was particularly striking to see a USA air carrier docked right in front of the Akershus Fortress and the Resistance Museum. Ironic.

I didn’t have time, but I made a quick “escape” to see some contemporary art at Astrup Fearnley Museet. It was a mistake. As impressive as the Renzo Piano designed building is, the works inside denote a lack of proper curation. It’s a private collection that throws together “big names” like Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons, without any purpose of criteria.

Perhaps Ekeberg Parken or the National Gallery would have been a better choice. Maybe next time.