March 28th we arrived in Picton (New Zealand) to tour some Marlborough wineries.

Marlborough is a New Zealand wine-making region know worldwide for their Savignon Blancs. So we decided to do a private tour of some wineries in the region.

Before our tour, we stopped at Kiwifruit Country a kiwi orchard in Paengaroa. The family run farm was beautifully rustic, although it was established in 2016, and had a store with a ton of kiwi-related products. We bought kiwi jam, and learned quite a few interesting things about growing kiwis (which, by the way, originated in China) and the kiwi market.

We started our wine-tasting tour in the very picturesque Saint Clair Family Estate, then went to Nautilus Estate, and finally to Framingham Winery.

As I don’t drink alcohol, we also stopped at Makana Boutique Chocolate Factory, before having green mussels lunch at Captain’s Daughter in Havelock. A final stop in Ngakuta Bay to enjoy the beautiful views before heading back to our ship was the perfect end to a wonderful day.