April 1st to 3rd, we sailed through a storm in the Tasman Sea (between New Zealand and Australia).

With gale strength winds and 15 feet waves, we sailed towards Hobart - Tasmania (New Zealand), which unfortunately meant changing the original itinerary and missing the fjords in the southern tip of the South Island.

But, of course, we can’t complain, as we enjoyed tremendously. Not only the rocking of the boat, which forces you into a “drunk teenager” sway and rocks you to sleep like a baby, but we also enjoyed lectures and performances by:

  • Comedian Col Cameron (he even made some guests act like dogs on the stage!)
  • Military Analyst, Middle East Expert and ex-CIA Agent Rick Francona (Middle East Borders, Religion and Culture in the Middle East, and Capturing War Criminals in the Balkans)
  • Historians Peter Donovan (History of Aborigines in Australia) and Brian Lawrenson (History of Tasmania)
  • Magician from Hollywood’s Magic Castle (they even gave us an invitation to attend the by-invitation-only Magic Castle!)
  • Galley tour with the Executive Chef Peter Degner (I must say the food has been consistently amazing)