On Wednesday we spent the whole morning doing paperwork errands, and then went to Canal Street Market.

I guess I’m not the only person who hates bureaucracy, but I really do. And for a country that made fun of Red Russia’s bureaucracy, the USA has plenty to learn from e-Administrations in Europe!

Just to be able to get a copy of my marriage certificate to register it in Spain, I had to go to the Office of the City Clerk - Marriage Bureau (line, form, and pay fees), to the New York Supreme Court (line, and pay fees), and the NYS Department of State (line, form, and fees payable with check or money order only!).

After that ordeal, I decided I had earned a treat, so we went to the Canal Street Market, and I had a chicha morada, and a Cheung Fun 腸粉 (a Cantonese dish made of thin rice noodles rolled) filled with shrimp and vegetables, topped with soy sauce at Joe’s Steam Rice Roll. While we were there, we also enjoyed strolling through the designer stores, visiting a really fun gift store (Piq), and going back to the Converse flagship store (so many options to choose from!).