When The Saint Charles Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Valencia organized a Jose Gines sculpture exhibition, its President invited my wife and I to a private tour.

The Saint Charles Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Valencia, founded by King Charles III on February 14, 1768, has the second largest collection of classical art (over 15,000 pieces) in Spain after the magnificent El Prado in Madrid. Amazing works by artists such as Juan de Juanes, El Greco, Ribera, van Dyck, Goya, Velázquez, Piranesi, Muñoz Degraín, Pinazo, Sorolla, Segrelles, Genovés, Michavila, Yturralde, or Carmen Calvo.

The current president (the Wikipedia entry is outdated) is the Excmo. Sr. D. Manuel Muñoz Ibáñez, an excellent surgeon, writer, and art expert. Don Manuel also happens to be a long time friend of my family, and I’m proud to be an advisor to both him and the Academy.

So when he organized the Jose Gines exhibition at the San Pio V Museum, it was a pleasure to be invited to a private tour with his always expert commentary.

Thank you, Manuel!

Pictures here.