The CoViD-19 government-ordered lock-down seems to be going on for longer than originally expected. But I’m really privileged, and actually always enjoyed social distancing. Besides, I have a nice arsenal of tech gadgets that, along with books, make being at home quite a pleasure.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m working my ass off to help hospitals around the world cope with CoViD-19 as well as possible. I’ve also donated equipment and a 3D printer. But I’ll be honest, I’m enjoying being home with my sweetheart and kids.

It’s all about class privilege. It shouldn’t exist, and I hate it, but it does, and until we can get rid of it, let’s not be hypocrites about it. One of the things that makes a difference is to live in a comfortable and safe suburban area, with great views, and no food scarcity. Of course another one is to have a job, and to be able to tele-work. Everybody knows this, and I’ve talked about my political views quite often. As soon as I can ensure my family’s well-being for the rest of my life, I will dedicate all my efforts to end inequality and class privilege, to find a better system that benefits everyone and not the few like me. But in this post, I’m going to focus on my current tech set up.

On the one hand I have a nice home office, with 2 computers (desktop and laptop) running 2 different Linux distros, and 4 monitors, with Barrier as software KVM to control them with a single keyboard and mouse. The real beauty is how I connected the desktop (an old iMac with an old display port) with the monitor (VGA only):


Yes, that’s an old display port to DVI to HDMI to VGA through 2 intermediate connectors. And it works! :D

Of course there’s also the entertainment, from a Gaming PC, VR Headset, and Picade Retro Arcade:

Gaming PC, VR Headset, and Picade Retro Arcade

to the consoles (PS2, PS3, Wii, and 2 Nintendo Switch): Consoles

Yet, at the end of the day, the books, right there, on the shelves, for years, waiting for me to read (re-read) them, is what makes my soul feel at home.