In my last day in Malmö I decided to visit all the museums I haven’t had time to visit so far: Form Design Center, Konsthall, Disgusting Food Museum, and Moderna Museet. Almost all of them free!

After a videoconference with Japan in the middle of the night, I started the day late by visiting the Stapelbäddsparken Skatepark, one of Europe’s largest skate parks, right across from where I’m staying in the Västra hamnen area of Malmö.

Then I took my bicycle and rode to the Form Design Center, a very nice space in Gamla staden, surrounded by cafes and restaurants, that does a good job of displaying exhibitions (curating is another story).

Konsthall is an impressive contemporary art space in nearby (5 minutes by bicycle) Rådmansvången. I really like it, not just because they were exhibiting one of my pieces. The lovely cafe and large bookshop adds charm to this place.

Back in the Gamla staden area we find two more museums:

The Disgusting Food Museum is obviously a commercial endeavor, but not nearly as “bad tourist trap” as it seems. The information was comprehensive, the specimens impressive, and although the price was a little high, it’s worth checking out to put your culinary tastes and prejudices in perspective. Fact: I have eaten many of the “disgusting foods” in display there. As a matter of fact, several of them on a regular basis.

Last, but not least, Moderna Museet is another very nice art space in Malmö, although the current exhibitions are not particularly interesting.

Photos here.