The day before last day of our cruise, we docked in Mykonos, and spent the day in Delos.

A Ferry took us straight to the uninhabited Delos island. Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Cyclades, where again History and Myth come together through amazingly well kept ruins, based around Apollo’s sanctuary.

The archeological site is particularly extensive, and through its many interesting details and features you learn how the island was a very cosmopolitan trading port from the 3rd millennium BC until it was abandoned round the 8th century AD. Between 9th century BC and the 2nd century BC Delos was the greatest commercial centre of the whole world, and in the Dionysus riding a panther mosaic in the House of Dionysos, the Temple of Hera, the Terrace of the Lions, the Agora of the Competaliasts, the theater, and its many houses (Masks, Cleopatra, Lake, Dolphins, Trident, etc), you can see with your own eyes the splendor that Delos once had.

An experienced and knowledgeable guide, along with a very friendly clowder of cats, made the visit one to remember.

Back at the ship we had dinner again at Chartreuse. So delicious!

Some photos here.