April 2nd was our last day on the cruise, but also a double treat: a visit to the Ca’Macana Maschere mask atelier, and a visit to the Chiesa di San Sebastiano, with its Tintoretto, Tiziano and Veronese’s frescoes.

The mask making demonstration was really interesting. Not only because they explained a lot of historical trivia (like the traditional mask, square and open in the bottom to drink and eat, or the “doctor” mask origin), but because we got to see how quickly and easily the masks are done, while requiring a lot of artistic dexterity.

On the other hand, the frescoes at the Chiesa di San Sebastiano were quite special, because there are not that many frescoes surviving in Venice due to the very high humidity caused by the canals.

Perhaps equally enjoyable was to stroll through Venice aimlessly and leisurely, seeing how Venetians buy their produce from gondolas… of course!

Some photos here