Long overdue trip to take my daughter to Disney World in Orlando, FL (USA).

In an intense long weekend, we managed to visit Hollywood Studios on Friday (here are some pictures), Animal Kindom and Magic Kingdom on Saturday here are the pictures, and Epcot on Sunday before flying back home (here are some pictures from Epcot).

Disney is a machine to maximize occupancy, and extract every possible dollar out of their mass market customers. But they do it flawlessly, and no mater how much of a cynic you are, there’s always room for wow.

Some quick advice: try to stay at a Disney property if you can afford it (we stayed at the Port Orleans resort). It makes transportation much easier. Also consider getting the multi-park pass, to give yourself schedule flexibility. Plan the rides you want to experience and the restaurants you want to visit way in advance, make reservations, and use the app to check (extremely long) line times. Be ready to stand in line for hours, and suspend your disbelief for a few days. Enjoy!