Monkeying around is fun. Particularly when it’s with your colleagues as part of your job.

On June 13th just about the whole team from the Harvard iLabs went to Tree Top Adventures for a team-building day.

TreeTop Adventures is a high ropes and obstacle course located just 30 minutes south of Boston in Canton, MA. The high ropes + obstacle course includes 10 Trails and 27 Zip-lines, ranging in difficulty level from beginner to expert and consist of obstacles like rolling logs, bridges, ladders, tight ropes, zip-lines…

We participated in group activities at first, which were a lot of fun, and then went onto the courses. I managed to complete the expert level one, including a section (vertical logs) that apparently it’s almost impossible to cross without help. But I guess the competitiveness of my basketball days (or is it from my startup days?) is still burning in me :D

Of course, once done with the trees, we had to quench out thirst at Trillium.

Here are some photos of the fun adventure!